Tree & Plant Health Care Services

Founded in 2010, T4 Tree Services is the only accredited tree company on the western slope. Backed by three certified arborists, owner Teddy Hildebrandt has over 17 years of experience when it comes to helping trees thrive in our tough climate.

We are proud to offer a number of tree and plant services, including:

Plant Health Care

Most of our trees in the Western Slope are non native and in many cases they need supplemental nutrients to thrive. We can customize the fertilization needs of your trees by taking soil samples and making sure they get the proper nutrients. Deep root fertilizing, trunk basal spray, trunk injections and topical drench are the different types of application methods that we use.

Winter Watering

Most of our trees in the Western Slope are non-native and usually need more water in the winter time than what we get annually. We can drive a water truck on site with 500 gallons of water and 300 feet of hose so that we can get to almost every tree and apply water.

Tree Trimming & Removal

Tree Removal

We have the experience and large equipment to be able to remove trees in any location. If there is no access to get a bucket truck to trees, we are certified to to climb with rope and saddle in order to remove or trim your trees.

Tree Trimming

There are several different types of trimming techniques that we are able to provide depending on the needs of your trees. Including; structural pruning, correctional pruning, crown thinning, shaping, elevating, dead wooding, complete prune, restoration pruning, reduction pruning and or structural clearance.

Fruit Tree Pruning

We also specialize in trimming your fruit trees to help maintain and increase a healthy fruit production.

Pest & Disease Control

As a locally owned and operated business, we have an advantage by living here with you and knowing how to specifically control pests and diseases in your trees. We don’t use a general pesticide to spray all trees for all pests. We will look at the condition of each of your trees and give you specific recommendations. Whenever possible, we promote using underground systemic pesticides which are more environmentally friendly. If needed, we can also apply pesticides by foliar, stem and trunk basal sprays.

Stump Grinding

There is no stump too small or too big for us to grind. We can get through any gate that is as narrow as 32″. Our machine is self propelled, so we don’t need to drive a heavy truck on lawns to grind your stumps.

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